Green Lighting Wholesale is at it AGAIN!

Check out the difference in this lighting at Eastland Career Center (Groveport, OH).

Before: 400 Watt HPS / After: 4 Lamp T5 HO


Brett Clark, President of Green Lighting Wholesale, and his team swapped out the centers old 400 Watt High Pressure sodium High bays, for 4 Lamp T5 HO High bays. You can buy them here

As you can see in the before and after pictures, the difference is remarkable. This change instantly opened up the shop the students were learning in, and the lighting is much more bright and white. Not only does this look better, this change is saving the career center money on their energy bills. These High bays have over a 50% power reduction, and with AEP's Energy Rebates, the Career Center is taking advantage of a 3month ROI.

Does your school or warehouse need a lighting update? Contact us today for a quote.


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