Cooper 15 Amp GFCI Tamper and Weather Resistant Duplex Receptacle , White

Product Description

GFCI Self-Test 15A -125V Tamper and Weather Resistant Duplex Receptacle with Standard Size Wallplate, White

Product Description

Specification Grade - Weather Resistant Duplex GFCIs are built to meet every need in commercial, industrial and institutional settings, whether permanent or temporary - and is fully compliant with the latest UL943 standards for GFCIs, providing the most recent change to the standard by offering self testing capability. Complies with 2011 NEC Article 406.9 that states that all receptacles installed in wet or damp locations must be weather resistant. Weather Resistant Receptacles offer protection from rain, snow, ice, moisture, and humidity when properly installed in an approved weather protective or while-in use cover. Weather resistant receptacles are for use in any residential or commercial outdoor location. Designed with enhanced nylon and corrosion resistant metal components Weather resistant receptacles are extra durable. Combine WR receptacles with any of our WeatherBox While-in-Use Protective Covers for tough protection against the elements.

Additional: Self-Test, Tamper and Weather Resistant, Temperature Rating: -35 to 66 deg C, Housing: Polypropylene (Top), PVC(Bottom)


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