Hang-A-Light 120 Watt LED

Part: 1110120ECO
Product Description

Hang-A-Light® 120 Watt LED

 Hang-A-Light® LED Temporary Area Work Light

These high-output temporary lighting fixture produce 360° of light with low-cost operation. The integrated 5 foot power cord without plug makes for quicker and easier hardwiring. The heavy gauge steel safety case has an added bottom guard for protection and durability. With a built in electrical receptacle and no heavy external ballast, the Hang-A-Light® LED series takes portability and ease of use to a new level.

The Hang-A-Light® series is ideal for applications requiring overhead temporary high-output lighting in areas from 20 to 75 feet diameter. Bright and dependable, Hang-A-Light® delivers maximum light output in a durable and portable package with no hot surfaces.

The Hang-A-Light® features:

  • Covered and protected LED’s
  • 360° lighting
  • No Hot Surfaces
  • Welded wire safety cage
  • Interlink units together
  • 5′ Integrated power cord
  • Spring loaded clamp
  • Steel construction


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