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South Bend  FedEx Fulfillment/Distribution Center


City of Gahanna- LED Canopy Retrofit.


Green Lighting Wholesale was one of AEP's Top Ten Energy Solutions Providers


City of Gahanna Parking Garage -T5 H.O. Vapor Tight Fixtures

Before                                                   After

Green Lighting Wholesale customized T5 H.O. Vapor Tight fixtures to provide energy-efficient illumination to the City of Gahanna Parking Garage. The city is expected to save a $19,224 annually. 

  Crossfit OKM of Gahanna- T5 Highbays


 Crossfit OKM of Gahanna had Green Lighting Wholesale change their 400 watt Metal Halide lights to a 4 Lamp T5 H.O. fixtures. This was over a 50% power reduction. This project was part of the A.E.P. Gridsmart Program. 


Green Lighting Wholesale and Fulham installed 400 Photoluminescent Exit Signs Saving End User Thousands of Dollars.


Fulham® announced that 400 FREELITE™ Exit Signs are being installed into a commercial building in Princeton, New Jersey through lighting supplier Green Fulham Photoluminescent Exit SignLighting Wholesale of Columbus, Ohio. Brett Clark of Green Lighting Wholesale said, “Each sign takes only minutes to install. Compare that with wiring up a traditional powered exit sign, and it’s no contest. The biggest selling points, though, were that these signs are nearly maintenance-free, require no electrical power to operate, and incur no disposal costs. They are made with environmentally-friendly materials.” Fulham® FREELITE™ Photoluminescent Exit Signs absorb ambient light energy in a building when light is available (requiring only a minimum of 5 foot candles of ambient light.) Then, when the lights go out in an emergency, the natural photoluminescent materials in the signs shine bright automatically. They are quick to install and need only to be dusted off occasionally to maintain. Unlike older tritium-based radioactive technology, FREELITE™ is not radioactive (it is 100% tritium-free). FREELITE™ Exits are also LEED Points qualified and made in the United States. To experience FREELITE™ Photoluminescent Exit Signs, see here:

Rafiel's Salon

Rafiel's Salon

Clintonville Market

Dayco Appliance Parts


Everlast Induction Lighting

Everlast Induction Lighting
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