Price increase and projected USTR tariff impacts 0



August 13, 2018


Acuity Brands Distributors


Price increase and projected USTR tariff impacts

Over the last several months, our business has been greatly affected by cost increases on many fronts, including commodities (such as steel), certain electronic components, transportation and wage inflation. In addition, we have experienced higher costs from tariffs implemented by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), and anticipate additional costs resulting from proposed tariffs. As such, we are announcing the following:

  1. A price increase of up to 6% on the majority of all lighting and lighting control products will be effective September 17, 2018. Specific category increases will be shared in subsequent communications through your Acuity agency sales representative. The last day for entry and release of orders at current prices is September 14, 2018. All orders after this date will be invoiced at the new prices. Committed projects that cannot be released for immediate shipment on or before September 14, 2018 will need to be re-submitted to Acuity for review.
  2. Government-imposed tariffs impacting Chinese components and finished goods will require us to pass on these costs through additional, proportional price increases on impacted products sold by Acuity Brands.
  • Section 301 tariffs covering more than $34B in Chinese imports went into effect on July 6th with an additional list for $16B of imports that will go into effect on August 23rd. These tariffs are expected to impact the cost of future material supply.
  • Additional tariffs on approximately $200B in Chinese-produced components and finished goods are planned, which will have a significant cost impact if implemented.

    We are currently evaluating the impact of these tariffs across our product offering, and we will continue to keep you updated in the coming weeks on additional tariff-related increases.

We remain committed to supporting our industry partners as we all work to grow together through these difficult market challenges. As you know, Acuity Brands has invested heavily in our strategic partnerships, and we will continue to be a partner as we work through these difficult market challenges.
Best Regards,

Sero Cardamone
SVP, Global Sales

Amra Boucher
VP, Customer Engagement

Mike DeBlois
VP, Pricing Operations

  • Brett Clark

Business that do lighting retrofits could qualify for $0.60 a Square Foot tax credit 0

A one year retroactive 2017 EPAct extension is looking very positive for this week.

This means Business that do lighting retrofits could qualify for $0.60 a Square Foot tax credit. Yes you have heard that right. Yesterday, the Senate introduced their 2018 Budget Bill, titled "Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018". This bill is the Senate's version of the budget which needs to be passed before midnighttonight2/8/18, and it includes a one-year retroactive extension of EPAct 179D for projects completed through 12/31/17. It just needs to be passed by the Senate and House. This is by no means official, as the House could reject it or other issues could create another shutdown and a revised bill. However, we should have something official by tomorrow morning.

As soon as possible, we recommend beginning to compile information on any of your potentially eligible projects completed in 2017 so you can fit the EPAct benefit on your 2017 tax returns. This would include any newly constructed or renovated commercial or government buildings completed in 2017. 

Visit to find out more

  • Brett Clark

Green Lighting Wholesale Recognized by AEP Ohio for Top 10 Performance for 2014 0

Green Lighting Wholesale was recently recognized by AEP Ohio for our energy efficiency efforts!!

AEP released the following:

AEP Ohio’s Energy Efficiency program recognizes Green Lighting Wholesale as one of the top ten performing distributors for the 2014 Energy Efficiency program. Working as a Solution Provider with AEP Ohio, they are able to assist AEP Ohio business customers and contractors with installation of energy efficiency lighting and provide support on program applications. 

“Green Lighting ranked 10th out of hundreds of solution providers which shows their hard work and commitment to the program”, said Angie Rybalt, AEP Ohio Solution Provider Channel Coordinator. 

Not only do we provide you with energy efficient lighting, we provide it to you at a price no one can compete with. Our goal is to better the environment, supply our customers with the best product on the market, and to save our customers financially.

Green Lighting Wholesale will continue it's commitment to provide YOU with energy efficient lighting. 

What is  AEP's Energy Efficiency Program?

When you purchase or replace your old lighting with energy efficient lighting, AEP offers incentive programs to customers for the installation of these energy efficient products. This program helps reduce the cost of your investment and creates a long-term reduction in your energy consumption and costs.

Some eligible businesses include:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Major Renovation
  • Data Centers
  • Government & Non-profit
  • Grocery & Convenience stores
  • Hospitals & Health Care
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail
  • Schools & Universities
  • Small Business

What are you waiting for? Call us today, and let us show you how much money we can save you!!

  • Ally Starr

Increase Your Cattle Barn Profits 0


It’s time to upgrade that old dull lighting in your barn. You’re thinking, “No big deal, I have lights and they aren’t broken so why bother”. But you’re actually just tossing money away. Not only can the lighting improve your energy bills, it can improve the milk production in your cattle.


That’s right! More light = More milk. It’s been proven that the more light a cow receives, the more dormant the melatonin hormone becomes. The light then activates other milk producing hormones. Studies show that increases in milk production can range from 5%-16%, but are most consistently in the 8%-10% range. Do the math, that’s a lot of money!


Contact us today to find the right lighting for your needs!

Eastland Career Center Updates Lighting With Green Lighting Wholesale 0

Green Lighting Wholesale is at it AGAIN!

Check out the difference in this lighting at Eastland Career Center (Groveport, OH).

Before: 400 Watt HPS / After: 4 Lamp T5 HO


Brett Clark, President of Green Lighting Wholesale, and his team swapped out the centers old 400 Watt High Pressure sodium High bays, for 4 Lamp T5 HO High bays. You can buy them here

As you can see in the before and after pictures, the difference is remarkable. This change instantly opened up the shop the students were learning in, and the lighting is much more bright and white. Not only does this look better, this change is saving the career center money on their energy bills. These High bays have over a 50% power reduction, and with AEP's Energy Rebates, the Career Center is taking advantage of a 3month ROI.

Does your school or warehouse need a lighting update? Contact us today for a quote.


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Lindsay Honda Press Release 0




For Immediate Release
Lindsay Honda Installs Induction Light Fixtures Across Massive Dealership Parking Lot
EverLast® Lighting Exceeds Specification Standards, and Is Used To Replace Nearly 80 Inefficient Metal Halide Fixtures

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – December 3rd, 2014 – Lindsay Honda located in Columbus, Ohio, is a new car Honda dealer selling various Honda automotive models, and is home to one of the largest indoor showrooms in the country. Recently, Lindsay Honda partnered with Hawkins Sales of Ohio, and Green Lighting Wholesale, in an effort to seek out a commercial lighting solution that would meet their facility codes while improving illumination, and significantly lowering energy costs. “They wanted the best fixture and technology available on the market at the most cost effective price,” commented Brett Clark, President of Green Lighting Wholesale. As a result, the company decided on EverLast® 200 and 300 watt induction shoe box fixtures.

“The fixtures are performing wonderfully. We have had absolutely no issues, and the light output has been fantastic,” explained Clark. The Columbus based dealership replaced nearly 80 of their pre-existing metal halide fixtures across their 180,000 square foot dealership parking lot, and around its facility, in early 2014.

In addition, the fixtures qualified for a rebate in excess of $40,000 which was reimbursed to the dealership by American Electric Power of Ohio. “Because Honda is manufactured in Ohio and is a domestic company, the customer was also extremely excited that the fixtures were U.S. made,” explained Clark. “The rebate from American Electric Power was icing on the cake, and aligned with the dealership’s energy efficient vision. After installing the fixtures we had estimated a 60 percent energy reduction across the application.”

EverLast® induction light fixtures are 50-70% more energy efficient than metal halides and last up to 100,000 hours, making them virtually maintenance free for up to 15 years. The EverLast® shoe box fixtures provide a more natural and high color rendition light quality unlike traditional metal halide fixtures. “It’s not uncommon for our customers to reap substantial energy savings after installing our lights,” explained Alex Orr, VP of Sales at EverLast® Lighting, Inc. “Furthermore, ROI is one of the most attractive features with our induction lighting technology. Low glare, ease of installation, and our 10 year warranty are all additional reasons that we have had exponential success with parking lot applications.”



EverLast® Induction lighting fixtures are also available with a dimmable option, providing even more energy savings while areas are vacant.

The EverLast® Shoe Box fixtures are commonly used in surface parking lots and have been installed at locations such as Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan, Crippen Auto Mall in Lansing, Michigan, Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, and Kelly Chevrolet in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

About EverLast® Lighting: EverLast® Lighting, Inc. is a sister company of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. For additional product information, visit, call 888-383-7578 or send an email to

For press inquiries, contact Kyle Leighton at 517-783-3800 ext.231 or email at

If you would like to support EverLast®, please follow EverLast® on Twitter or visit them on Facebook.

  • Brett Clark