GE UltraMax GE332MAXP-L/ULTRA - T8 Fluorescent Ballast


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GE UltraMax GE332MAXP-L/ULTRA - T8 Fluorescent Ballast

  • Energy saving high efficiency instant start electronic ballast (> 90%)
  • Multi-Voltage Technology handles voltage from 120 to 277V
  • UL Type CC Rating provides protection against arcing in electrical devices
  • Anti-Striation Control for better light quality, with no striations
  • UL 55C Ambient Rating - HighTemperature Protection Circuit
  • Cold temperature -20F Minimum Starting Temperature
Input Volts 120-277V
Brand GE UltraMax
Mfg # 78621
# of Lamps 2 Lamps, 3 Lamps
Product Data Sheet
Certifications cUL, FCC Part 18 (Class A), UL
Start Method Instant Start
Starting Temperature -20ºF, -29ºC
Lamps (2/3) F32T8, (2/3) F32T8/WM, (2/3) F28T8, (2/3) F25T12, (2/3) F25T8, (2/3) F32T8/25W, (2/3) F17T8, (2/3) FE15T8
Dimensions 9.50”(L) x 1.3”(W) x 1.2”(H)