LED T8 Type B 4ft Tube with Emergency Back-up, Color Select

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LED T8 Type B 4ft Tube with Emergency Back-up, Color Select


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EarthTronics Type B lamp is designed with an integrated emergency driver and eliminates the need for a separate emergency back-up. This 14.5 watt lamp is a replacement for a 32 watt florescent tube and provides 2000 lumens. This Type B can be direct wired quickly. This lamp is color-selectable, offering 3  choices 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K which can be adjusted in the field by just sliding the switch to your desired color. When in emergency mode, the driver provides 90 minutes of backup light producing 500 lumens at 3.5 watts. This provides exceptional LED lighting with reduced energy and maintenance costs. This lamp also works in dry or damp locations and enclosed fixtures. The beam angle provides a wide distribution pattern and is perfect for directing more light to the working surface from existing troffer fixtures and strip fixtures as well as task and display lighting applications. Perfect for replacement of T8 fluorescent tubes. This lamp is engineered for high lumen maintenance over its 50,000 hour rated. 120/277V operation.

  • Easily retrofit T8, 4 foot tubes
  • Single-end wiring, 120-277V
  • Type B: Direct wire
  • Suitable for dry or damp locations
  • Suitable for open or enclosed fixtures
  • Provides 2000 lumens
  • On/Off operation, not for use with dimmers
  • Self-contained emergency driver supplies
  • 90 minutes of illumination time
  • Not for use with ballasts