Light Efficient Design 20 Watt LED Solar Post Top- 4000K

Part : SL-SPT-20W-40K-SF-G2

Light Efficient Design: Light Efficient Design
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Light Efficient Design 20 Watt LED Solar Post Top- 4000K

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Utilize the power of the sun to power this innovative solar powered post top fixture by Light Efficient Design is an all-in-one fixture with the solar panel and battery built right in - no need to trench or wire to any power source, allowing you to save money on both installation and on your energy bill. Perfect option for parks, green-ways, waterfronts, and transit stops. One day charge provides 3 nights illumination, and the advanced new LiFeP04 battery lasts at least 2000 charge cycles and is easily replaceable. The RP-SPT-20W-40K-SF-G1 post-top provides 266 lumens of 4000K neutral white light and the following features:


  • Comparable to 150W HID
  • Fixture turns on at night automatically and can be set to different operating modes (see installation instructions for details)
  • Aluminum alloy + poly-carbonate material makes it strong and lightweight
  • Li-Ion battery lasts at least 1500 charge cycles and is replaceablePerfect for parks, city streets, school campuses and more...
  • Dimensions (H x W): 32" x 16"