TORK ZSS124 Electronic Photocontrol Stem & Swivel

Part : ZSS124

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TORK ZSS124 Electronic Photocontrol Stem & Swivel-Advanced LongLife ZeroCross-Instant Response-8A LED Rated-105-305V

Don't trust your LED fixture investment to just any photo control. Tork photo control technology uses state of the art micro-processing control to monitor light levels and respond with precision. Unwanted power surges are no match for TORK top of the line mob surge suppressors all tested and approved by underwriters laboratories (UL).
  • Tested and verified by UL for the highest LED rating in the industry

  • Electronic LED 1000-watt button photocontrol mounted on metal plate turns lights on and off automatically dusk to dawn

  • Smart microprocessor design eliminates light fixture cycling due to light pollution

  • Designed to handle extreme in rush currents produced by LED fixtures

  • Helps protect your LED lighting fixture against line surges with the largest MOV in the industry

  • Zero-cross technology minimizes relay contact degradation

  • IR filtered silicon sensor designed for instant human eye response

  • Longer 16-gauge hook up wires for ease of installation

  • Longest warranty in the industry