SMART CONNECTED Level 2 EV Charging Station

Part : EVC-L2-48A-L1-1-4G-D-AU-L-4G-5

Light Efficient Design: Light Efficient Design
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SMART CONNECTED Level 2 EV Charging Station Up To 48A With LCD Screen, RFID, OCPP Networked

5- Year Software Program Included with purchase

*Pedestal option available

*40A & 48A Cable sets available in 12,15, 18, & 25ft lengths


4G LTE or Ethernet can be used with or without AmpUp
OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)
cloud-based EV charging
management software.

48A/11.2 kW max output, switchable down to 16A.

Sleek, compact, rugged housing, IP65 rated for indoor &

outdoor use.

Flexible mounting options: wall mount, or pedestal accessories

with or without cable management

High brightness 4.3in LCD display.

RFID card reader for user authentication (if enabled)

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The BreezEV by Light Efficient Design EVC-L2-48A-L1-1-4G-D-AU-L-4G-5 is a 48 Amp wall mount electric vehicle charger with 4G LTE, RFID, and Ethernet communication, LCD screen, and a 5 year AmpUp LITE plan. It features Level 2 charging, which is compatible with every E-Vehicle manufacturer. Can be wall mounted or attached to a free-standing pedestal. One year or five year service plans are also available. Cables, mounting equipment, and service plans sold separately (see accessories below). See below for directions on how to order a complete charging station

  • Ideal for retail, commercial or municipal properties, or multi-unit housing
  • AmpUp LITE software includes reporting, real time analytics, pricing & payment management, and troubleshooting
  • Allows for various payment options
  • Built-in LCD screen
  • 4G LTE or Ethernet with AmpUp Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) cloud-based software
  • RFID card reader
  • 48 Amp max output, switchable down to 16 Amp
  • Natural cooling
  • UV resistant housing
  • LEDs indicate status
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Includes 5 Year AmpUp LITE Plan & one-time activation fee
  • Comes with: charging unit, wall mount bracket, two M5 mounting screws, four M6 hexagonal mounting screws, two AmpUp QR code labels, accessory kit
  • Accessory kit comes with fittings for incoming power wires, incoming power cable & charging cable, holster, and mounting screws for the holster


  • Housing Dimensions- 9.8" Width x 13.8" Length x 5.1" Depth
  • Screen Size- 4.3"
  • Max Output- 48 Amps / 11.2 kW
  • Rated Output Current- 16 / 32 / 40 / 48 Amps
  • Input Voltage- 200-240V AC / Single Phase
  • AC Power Frequency- 60 Hz
  • Connector Type- SAE Type 1
  • Communication- Ethernet / RFID / 4G Cellular
  • OCPP Software- 5 Year AmpUp LITE
  • Input Protection- Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Reverse Charge, Surge Protection, Ground Fault Protection
  • Output Protection- Overcurrent, Over Temperature, Control Pilot Fault Protection
  • Storage Temperature- -40 F to 158 F
  • Operating Temperature- -22 F to 122 F
  • Relative Humidity- 95% Relative Humidity
  • RJ45 Cable Inlet- 10M/100M Base-T
  • WiFi Function- 802.11 b/g/n
  • 4G Function- LTE, GSM/GPRS
  • Ingress Protection- IP 65 (total protection from dust and low pressure water jets from any direction)
  • Impact Resistance- IK08
  • Warranty- 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  1. Required: Choose cable set . You can choose between 40A or 48A. Many current EV models cannot charge at higher rates, so the lower 40A cables would be sufficient. Then pick the cable length. All cables are field attached to the charger.
  2. Optional: Choose mounting pedestals and brackets (see accessories below). Pedestals come with or without cable management. Bracket is only needed if two chargers will be installed side by side on the same pedestal. If you are wall mounting, you do not need any additional mounting accessories.